5 most popular careers for girls

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This interesting article from The Telegraph details the five most popular jobs as chosen by girls. The survey results provide some interesting findings, with the public sector being most sought after, perhaps because of its good equal opportunities record and the belief that promotion is more likely for those women who work in it. The public sector is reducing its number of employees rapidly, however, and is unlikely to be able to absorb all those who want to work within it.

More than twice as many girls than boys want to work in the media, another interesting finding. Although the number of jobs in the old print media - newspapers, magazines and books - is reducing, there are more options in new media, like online publishing, internet content and games design. Needless to say, UnemployedNet does not agree with the article's suggestion that those who want to work in the public sector are less ambitious; many of the most valuable jobs are based in this sector.

'Number 1 - Public sector

By far the most popular career choice among young women is working in the public sector, in roles such as doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers and fire fighters. The popularity of the sector - with 28pc of women surveyed saying they want to work there - is at odds with the number of jobs available, which have been in rapid decline since the recession.

Interestingly, men also put the public sector as their most popular career choice, with 24pc of the men surveyed voting for it, the survey of 1,083 young people by Adzuna showed.

Are women less ambitious than men?

Number 2 - Digital/IT

The second most popular career choice, with 16pc of young women aspiring to work in the sector, is the digital and IT industry. In the recession, fast-growing companies and start-ups in the technology sector have boomed in comparison to traditional corporates, which could explain their popularity among young career-makers.

The accessibility of the internet and designing 'apps' could be a huge draw, where people feel they can make a difference - and make money.

Number 3 - Voluntary sector

With only 6pc of women wanting to work in the financial services industry, many young ladies have turned their attention towards the voluntary and charity sectors instead.

With the recession throwing a spotlight on greed and bankers' bonuses, the younger generation is increasingly keen on 'giving something back' during their careers - just look at the warmth of the Olympics volunteers (men and women).

Number 4 - Media

Despite the phone-hacking scandal, working for newspapers and TV as journalists and presenters is still a popular career choice. This year, young women list it as their fourth most desired industry to work in, taking 15pc of the votes. This compares to just 7pc of men choosing it.

Number 5 – Medicine

Working as a doctor in the private sector is the fifth most popular career choice, perhaps reflecting the boom in the cosmetic surgery and private treatement industry over the last decade. In contrast, just 4pc of men want to work in medicine in the private sector.'

Via The Telegraph

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