Benefits Street residents moved after receiving death threats

Fri, 24/01/2014 - 11:50 -- nick

Residents of James Turner Street in Birmingham, the setting for controversial Channel 4 programme Benefits Street, have been moved to other areas after receiving death threats.

The Mirror is reporting that some of those living there have been threatened on Twitter and other social media, leading the local council to rehouse them for their own safety.

This was confirmed by a Mirror source who said: "After we named the street in the show, some of the participants in Benefits Street have had to be rehomed. They are vulnerable and we have a duty of care towards them.”

Unemployed claimants go missing from today's figures - sanctions to blame?

Wed, 13/11/2013 - 14:30 -- nick

Last week the DWP finally released its figures for sanctions, and these showed a huge rise in people being thrown off benefits in the last year to 870,000, an average of more than 72,000 each month.

These are real people having their meagre incomes removed often for the most spurious reasons and disappearing from view.

Bedroom tax leaves a third of tenants in arrears

Thu, 19/09/2013 - 12:44 -- nick

The bedroom tax has already left a third of social housing tenants in debt, according to an investigation by the TUC.

The union body submitted freedom of information requests to all of the UK's local authorities, and 114 responded.

They showed that 50,000 tenants have fallen into rent arrears despite the policy only having been introduced in April.

This represents a third of all residents of affected council and housing association homes, but in some areas the figure is more than half.


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