Low Cost Holidays

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The article below from Low Cost Living gives practical and affordable tips on how you can still go on holiday even when you have little or no money. Some of them may even pay you, particularly if you are willing to use your skills or work while you're away.

Overseas Low Cost Holiday Possibilities

  • If you just want the cost a the fare covered to do a back packing holiday, are not too bothered about the timing or short term notifications there are courier service company opportunities.
  • Sponsored walks that reduce the cost of an overseas experience and raise money for a charity at the same time.
  • Executive or technical support to an overseas company.
  • Cruise line speaker.
  • Lecture tours.
  • There are numerous opportunities world wide for persons willing to help local communities and families at a volunteer and leader level. Some pay, some expect you to cover your own costs by raising money through Sponsors.

Start by doing a Google search of ‘Volunteer’.
Opportunities include:

    • Leaders at children’s summer camps.
    • Archaeological digs.
    • Whale and dolphin watching.
    • Reintroduction of bearded vultures in Spain
    • Living with families to teach them English.
    • Training villagers to set up artisan businesses.
    • Advising communities on how to be self sufficient.
    • Setting up allotments around villages.
    • Setting up health service programmes.
    • Support to travel for handicapped children.
    • Guiding sight impaired persons on walking and sailing holidays.

Stay at home possibilities – 'staycations!'

  • Walking holidays from a home base. Circular walks to finally know your neighbourhood or take local buses or trains to different destinations and walk back.
  • Give accommodation to overseas language students and be so enthusiastic in helping their learning that you get invited to visit their families for a stay.
  • Sponsored walks, cycle rides etc.
  • Guiding walks.
  • Guiding tour groups.

Your pocket might be empty but the world awaits you!
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