Should you add colleagues on Facebook?

Thu, 02/02/2012 - 13:59 -- nick

Throughout your uni or college years Facebook was where you headed whenever you needed to have a bit of a moan about your workload or the hangover from the night before and the perfect place to have all the embarrassing shots of nights out displayed. After all everyone who can see your profile is your friend so what does it matter if you end up looking a bit nuts?
However, things change when you enter the world of work. All of a sudden you have a whole new host of acquaintances and it really does matter how they perceive you, which means you may want some of the information on your Facebook profile to stay private.
It can be a tough decision to make – to add colleagues or not to add colleagues?
Some people don't add their managers but are more than happy to add their peers, after all they do the same job as you and you have a laugh in the office, however, be wary, one day that person may be your boss and then you are left with the awkward dilemma of whether to 'unfriend' them, not to mention the fact that they've probably already had a peak through your photo albums.
Another popular tactic is to add people but act restrained, i.e. not moaning about the office or uploading pictures of you partying on a school night, however, remember you don't have control over what your friends post on your wall. A simple message asking how things are going with the hunt for a new job can cause massive embarrassment.
The safest solution is to not add people from work, or make use of a tool like Monster's BeKnown.
BeKnown is a Facebook app, which allows people to build a professional network and keep their social life completely separate. Meaning you can pick and choose what colleagues see and you can rest easy knowing THAT PHOTO will never be seen at work!