What jobs can your degree get you into? Ask the stars...

Thu, 02/05/2013 - 12:38 -- nick

What career can your degree get you into? This question will shortly face another new generation of graduates as they receive their results this summer.

In other countries your degree choice closes off a huge number of possibilities, with their holders expected to pursue jobs which are closely related to their studies.

But in the UK things are a lot more flexible, and this article from The Telegraph shows just how far you can travel away from your major subject.

Do you need to go to university to have a good career?

Fri, 01/02/2013 - 11:24 -- nick

The Telegraph's careers coach, Jeremy I'Anson, has written an article asking a serious question: does going to university help you have a better career?

A three-year degree course is likely to cost around £27,000, with more money needed for living costs, and starting a career with this much debt could put you at an immediate disadvantage.

With some employers seeking work experience more than qualifications, many have set up school leavers' programmes which could put you on the same track as a graduate but give it to you earlier.


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