If unemployed can't afford deodorant how will they get work?

Tue, 06/08/2013 - 18:37 -- nick

In the hot weather you might imagine that everyone would be wearing deodorant, but you'd be wrong.

Research by The Grocer magazine has shown that 7% fewer men aged between 17 and 24 are using the odour masker as high youth unemployment leaves a generation less in need of getting 'office-ready', and less able to afford the toiletry.

One-in-twenty has also stopped washing their hair and Kantar Worldpanel, which monitors sales of consumer items, has shown a fall in both anti-perspirant and shampoo sales.

Kantar's Samuel Hart said: "The core driver for using deodorant as part of a routine is getting ready for work. Unemployment removes this."

The cost of personal grooming products has fallen but they can still be considered unnecessary expenditure by workless people struggling to survive on a low income.

The news again raises the question of whether Jobseeker's Allowance provides enough money to both live and look for work.

UnemployedNet campaigns for the government to reassess benefits to ensure they do what they are meant to, and wants the introduction of a Benefits Price Index so their value goes up by the rate of things claimants actually buy.

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