£20 per week extra for new unemployed - Labour

Tue, 21/01/2014 - 12:57 -- nick

Labour will top-up Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) by £20 each week for those who have paid National Insurance for at least five years before becoming unemployed.

Rachel Reeves, Labour's work and pensions spokesperson, followed yesterday's confirmation of her party's policy of linking benefits to contributions by outlining an amount for the increase, should her party win the 2015 election.

She told think tank the IPPR:

MPs pay rise higher than a whole year's Jobseeker's Allowance

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 15:54 -- nick

MPs are to get a 10% pay rise of over £6,000 at a time when they have capped benefit rises to 1% over the next three years.

The inflation-busting increase - prices are only rising by 2.7% each year - means politicians will get a higher rise than the total a Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) claimant gets in a year.

JSA pays £71.70 per week, or £3,728.40 each year, not much more than half of the MP's rise.

Benefit cap does not lower unemployment

Wed, 01/05/2013 - 14:29 -- nick

The benefit cap has no impact on rates of unemployment, according to those organisations involved in piloting it.

Haringey council, one of four local authorities to help test the cap, dismissed suggestions that it had changed behaviour, and criticised the government for the way it used statistics to suggest it had.

The council's Phil Harris, deputy director for community housing services, speaking at the Chartered Institute of Housing's London conference this week, said "We saw about 109 residents find work – and a similar number lost it during the pilot scheme.

New Independent Case Examiner appointed at DWP

Tue, 02/04/2013 - 17:43 -- nick

A new Independent Case Examiner (ICE) has been appointed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Joanna Wallace started her new job yesterday, and has come from a healthcare background, with roles including Chief Executive of the Christie NHS Trust Manchester and Director of Spire Manchester Hospital.

Her lack of experience in the employment sector will concern those jobseekers who rely on the ICE to resolve complaints about their treatment.


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