More than half of UK citizens concerned about unemployment

Thu, 11/09/2014 - 13:00 -- nick

More than half of people in the UK are still concerned about a lack of job opportunities, a survey has shown.

The study, by Pew Global, found that 54% of people believe unemployment is a major problem in the country.

This is higher than the 46% of those who believe that inflation is a big concern, suggesting that the Bank of England's favouring of low prices over jobs is not backed up by the public.

The same number of people are concerned with the nation's debts as unemployment, even with Chancellor George Osborne focusing all his efforts on reducing the deficit, sometimes at the expense of job creation.

Osborne has instituted a large scale public sector redundancy programme running into hundreds of thousands of people, directly adding to the issue of worklessness.

The UK public are growing more confident about the state of the economy, but still 55% are dissatisfied with it compared with 43% who are satisfied.

The greater challenges faced by the Mediteranean countries is shown by how seriously they take unemployment.

Greece, which has seen its economy plummet in response to the financial crisis and more than a quarter of its population out of work, sees the highest proportion of people concerned with jobs at 98%.

Other troubled Eurozone places including Italy and Spain see more than none out of ten citizens fearful of the lack of work there.

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