NPower dumps 1,460 staff as it sends UK jobs offshore

Thu, 28/11/2013 - 11:53 -- nick

Gas and electricity giant NPower is to make 1,460 staff redundant, it has confirmed.

The German-owned company, one of the 'big six' electricity and gas suppliers in the UK, will cut jobs including checking meter readings against bills.

Chief executive Paul Massara said: "This restructure is necessary if we are to deliver the levels of service our customers deserve."

It is not clear how service quality will be improved by sending these functions offshore, but the company will now use staff in India to deliver them.

NPower currently employs 9,600 people in the UK.

In addition to the job cuts, 560 staff will be transferred to multiservice company Capita.

Although their existing employment rights are protected, new staff taken on to deliver under this contract may have worse pay and conditions imposed on them.

The majority of job losses will take place in Stoke-on-Trent, Oldbury and Rainton Bridge in Sunderland, while some will also be lost in Leeds.

Last month NPower announced it was hiking prices by more than 10%.

The company faces further criticism for its profits; these were up 34% last year to £413 million, and it also put prices up in November 2012 by an inflation-busting 9%.

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