1) The site is apolitical; we support the unemployed and economically inactive, not a political party

2) Where possible we will not take advertising from exploitative sources

3) We want to represent all unemployed and economically inactive people; we will ensure that the majority views of site users are fed back to government, media, service providers and other interested parties, as well as selected individual views where we deem this appropriate

4) We will endeavour to provide all services free to the unemployed and economically inactive site users, raising revenue from companies, government and other public sector, service providers and other non-unemployed sources

5) We will endeavour to make the site as accessible as possible; as a user-led site we rely on users to identify specific accessibility issues and will respond to all those raised

6) We will endeavour to respond to all specific requests and complaints with 7 working days

7) We respect the right to privacy of our users; we will maintain details of site users on a secure database and will never sell them on to a third party. No personal contact details will be published without the consent and permission of the individual

8) We will provide advice and information on a range of topics related to unemployment and economic activity. The information provided on the web site will be as accurate as possible. Users are encouraged to contact site administrators if they believe any information provided to be untrue

9) We allow and encourage links to our site to be provided on other sites, and will provide links to other sites on our site

10) We encourage site users to use the site to communicate with each other, with service providers, government, training agencies, site staff and others. We encourage all users to report any content, including user comments, that is offensive or may be illegal

11) We want the site to carry user-generated material, and encourage users to post anything that they think might help others to find work or cope with unemployment or economic inactivity

12) Photographs and other content will be attributed to copyright holders where required and known; any copyright holder not acknowledged is asked to contact site administrators

13) UnemployedNet is committed to supporting users in to work where appropriate, but also to making the experience of unemployment and economic inactivity more bearable. It wishes to serve unemployed and economically inactive people, those who work with them, provide services to them and make policy for them

14) We recognise and respect our environmental responsibilities, and will adhere to good environmental practice and implement it in all of our activities

15) All UnemployedNet’s activities are of social value, and we take seriously our social responsibilities. We will act at all times with integrity, prioritising the needs of our users