Scotland proves welfare reform doesn't help people into work

Mon, 02/11/2015 - 13:32 -- nick

One of Iain Duncan Smith's favourite policies has been exposed again for the poverty-creating travesty it is.

After falling back on his 'belief' that the benefit cap forced people into work to justify it - a claim disputed by the Office for National Statistics - and the bizarre claim that it actually improves lives, it has fallen to Scotland to tell the rest of the country how wider welfare reform is failing in its own terms.

Their parliament has a Welfare Reform Committee - a fantastic idea that should be implemented in the House of Commons immediately - and this commissioned research from academics showing conclusively that any fall in unemployment has nothing to do with the cuts:

“There is sufficient evidence in the present report to cast doubt on one of the central claims used to justify welfare reform.

“Welfare reform does reduce public expenditure and thereby the budget deficit but it does not, it would seem, lead to higher employment or lower unemployment.”

No doubt Smith will again state he 'believes' the two things to be linked, but most would side with the academics.