Thousands of Christmas jobs on offer at Royal Mail and Amazon

Tue, 21/10/2014 - 12:21 -- nick

Amazon and Royal Mail are to create 32,000 temporary jobs between them over the Christmas period.

Giant online retailer Amazon needs 13,000 staff for its eight distribution warehouses across the country to meet the seasonal demand for presents.

Those who are interested can click here for the Amazon careers site.

The company has been criticised for avoiding paying enough UK tax, with some sales made here routed through other countries.

Its model of online retailing needs fewer staff than high street stores, and shopping in the real world may keep more people in work in the long term.

The Royal Mail is recruiting 19,000 temporary post deliverers and sorting staff to cover its own Christmas rush.

No previous experience is necessary, and further details of the jobs can be found here.

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