The twenty jobs of the future - hackschooling counsellor anyone?

Thu, 19/09/2013 - 13:36 -- nick

What are the jobs of the future?

Some of them might be unfamiliar to you, and you'll probably doubt the viability of many, but US thinktank Sparks and Honey has released its list of the 20 jobs it says will come of age in the next ten years.

It believes that more than half of the most important jobs of the near future haven't been invented yet, while more people will have 'portfolio careers', doing a range of part-time jobs at the same time rather than following a single career path.

You might wonder how many of them would earn money, but this is one company's set of ideas, and it might make you laugh..

The top 20 jobs are:

20) Productivity counsellor - helping people manage their work time and output

19) Personal digital curator - helping organise apps, software and online information for individuals

18) Microbial balancer - a health worker balancing the microbes in an office or person to help promote well-being

17) Corporate disorganiser - breaking up hierarchies within companies to help promote entrepreneurship and new thinking patterns

16) Curiosity tutor - a teacher of curiosity and discovery

15) Alternative currency speculator - a trader and investor in new currencies like bitcoin

14) Urban shepherd - despite its name, this is a small-scale urban gardener and has nothing to do with sheep

13) Printing handyman - supporting people with 3D printing and supplies

12) Digital death manager - deleting embarrassing content and adding new content on your social media pages after you die

11) Personal life log archivist - storing and finding uses for our diaries and online lifelines

10) Digital detox therapists - helping digital addicts by counselling them through separation from computers and smartphones

9) Crowdfunding specialist - supporting companies and individuals to find funding through crowdsourcing

8) Cultural skill sherpa - an advisor for those entering newly-invented jobs that have new cultures

7) Quantified self personal trainer - a trainer who deals with physical training and nutrition, personalised to each individual

6) Vicarious videographer - sharing personal video taken by individuals through devices like Google Glass with a wider audience

5) Hackschooling counsellor - a non-traditional careers counsellor who beats unconventional careers paths for students

4) Privacy consultant - helping individuals with online and real-life security

3) Skype staging - training individuals to use video conferencing better

2) Meme agent - representation for memes, helping their owners make money from them

1) Drone driver - army workers driving drones in war zones

What do you think of this list? Do any of them sound like jobs you could do in the future?

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