Living cheaply is possible

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This article from Add My Support gives a range of advice on living cheaply, ideal for unemployed people and others on a low income. There is more than one way of living on a low income, including cutting costs and learning to spend less through living differently. In the modern world with its environmental problems, consuming less of everything is a duty that all of us should think about whether we can afford to spend more or not.

'Ways to save money in the home

  • Look hard at where the money goes. Scrutinise those bank statements and examine those grocery receipts. For most people money is spent on mortgage or rent, followed by food shopping, running a car, bills and leisure.
  • Can you afford to downsize your property? If your mortgage is proving too costly then the answer is probably yes. Maybe you can stay with parents to save money while you rent or sell the property. If you want to stay put you could get a lodger or provide accommodation for foreign students.
  • Look at how much you are spending on bills. Cut down on usage of gas, water and electricity. Don’t have the TV blaring away when you are not watching it and turn lights out that don't need to be on. Go to comparison websites to look at fuel and water tariffs.
  • Use showers instead of baths.


  • When shopping buy mostly vegetables rather than expensive meat and convenience food. Go to local markets which tend to be cheaper than supermarkets, especially at the end of the day where perishable veg is sold cheaply. Or better still, grow your own.
  • Try comparing your shopping with one of the many online grocery shopping services.
  • Go to supermarkets and bakeries just before closing time as often they sell off items cheaply which would otherwise be thrown out.
  • Try and buy in bulk and make the most of BOGOF offers. Use your loyalty card to accumulate points which will turn into free food vouchers. Always cut out coupons and vouchers for items in newspaper and magazines.
  • When at home cook a batch of meals to freeze to save money on fuel. If you freeze tasty meals you will avoid spending money on costly takeaways
  • Prepare your own food to take to work rather than spend money on expensive shop bought sandwiches.
  • Don’t buy new; use charity shops for clothes, books etc. Remember other peoples cast-offs are often high quality and hardly used designer gear. Check out second hand furniture shops and the local paper to buy second hand quality items for you home. Also, look at ways to save TV and internet costs.

Cut down on motoring costs

Running a car is expensive. Fuel costs are at an all-time high and it makes sense to cut down on using the car. If you can walk or bike to work, then do so. You will get fitter, save money on gym membership and cut down on parking fees to boot. If work is too far then take it in turns with colleagues to give lifts.
Websites such as and has many moneysaving motoring tips. Also, compare insurance costs on websites such as

Live well and save money
You don’t have to forego all pleasures if you want to live cheaply. These are ways you can fund or support your recreational life.

  • Make a bit of money by selling unwanted items on websites such as www.eBay or at the local car boot sale
  • Get library membership and borrow books rather than buy them and at the same time enjoy perks such as free use of the internet.
  • Use cheap holiday offers frequently available in the daily tabloids. If you don’t want to buy a daily newspaper ask a friend or family member who buys one to save them for you. Usually about ten tokens are required to book an incredibly cheap UK or Europe family holiday.
  • Use offers from your mobile phone operator such as Orange which offers 2 for 1 cinema and restaurant vouchers each Wednesday.
  • Libraries often have free kids workshops during the school holidays and parks, museums, art galleries, picnics and beaches cost little but are great ideas for a cheap family day out .of. If you want to know more about cheap and free days out in your area go to

If you practice the above money saving tips then you will be richer and fitter.'