Frugal Food: Ten Strategies for Saving on Your Food Bill

Fri, 21/09/2012 - 17:50 -- nick

Food is one of the biggest costs for unemployed people and anyone on a low income. This article tells you how to save.

Save a fortune on your grocery bill with these ten frugal shopping strategies:

1. Shop solo. The less family members who tag along, the fewer items that end up in your cart.

2. Shop less often. The fewer times you visit the supermarket, the less likely you’ll be to splurge on impulse items and convenience foods.

3. Make a menu. Plan your meals before you go shopping, to prevent overbuying and waste.

4. Shop with a list. Supermarkets are designed to promote impulse buying—shopping with a list is the best way to avoid it.

5. Don’t shop hungry. Go to the grocery store after a meal or snack; when your stomach is growling, everything looks appetizing!

6. Shop by unit price. Don’t assume that bigger means cheaper; check the unit price (read the price label, or do the math) to determine which size is the best bargain.

7. Cut out the convenience foods. Don’t pay a premium for things like frozen dinners, flavored noodles, or prepackaged peanut butter and jelly.

8. Cut out the candy. Don’t waste hard-earned dollars on empty calories.

9. Buy generic. Don’t pay a premium for a brand name or fancy packaging—the food inside is often identical to the generic version.

10. Use coupons wisely. Don’t let them tempt you to buy brand names or convenience foods; use them only for items you would have bought anyway.