Frugal Home: Five Ways to Lower Laundry Costs

Fri, 21/09/2012 - 14:22 -- nick

This advice will help you lower the cost of cleaning your clothes.

Save money by reducing the water and energy you use to do laundry. Here’s five ways to keep your clothes and linens clean, while slashing your utility bills:

1. Do full loads. Partial loads use the same amount of energy as full loads, and can also waste water.

2. Wash towels less often. They really don’t need laundering on a daily basis; let them go 3-4 days (or even a week) between washings.

3. Wash clothes less often. Instead of washing after each wear, air them out, and use the “sniff test” (or presence of stains) to determine when it’s time for a cleaning.

4. Wash clothes in cold water. Heating the water accounts for significant energy use. Use the cold setting instead; it’s sufficient for all but the dirtiest loads of laundry.

5. Air-dry. Hang a clothesline in the backyard (or use a drying rack indoors), and dry your clothes without spending a dime.