Ten Tips for a Frugal Weekend

Mon, 24/09/2012 - 16:03 -- nick

Aahh…the weekend’s finally here! Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fall weather. Why not give your wallet a break, too? It’s probably been working pretty hard all week!

Here are ten tips for having a blast this weekend without breaking the bank:

1. Make breakfast at home. Skip the fast food or donuts, and make a fun family breakfast (like pancakes or waffles) at home.

2. Head to the park. Spend an afternoon in the park, and enjoy the glorious fall weather. It’s infinitely more pleasurable than a day at the mall.

3. Attend an autumn festival. There’s likely a great harvest, apple, or pumpkin festival happening nearby—join in the free entertainment!

4. Run errands by bike (or foot). You’ll get some great exercise, and save money on gas. (And you won’t be able to buy as much!)

5. Tackle a DIY project. Make a needed repair (or home improvement) yourself, and avoid having to pay a contractor.

6. Trade babysitting services with a friend. Instead of hiring a sitter for your night out, swap services with a friend—they watch your kids this weekend, you’ll watch theirs the next.

7. Host a potluck dinner. Rather than splurge on a restaurant meal, have friends, family, or neighbors bring their favorite dishes over for a potluck dinner.

8. Have a movie night. Avoid high theater prices by renting (or borrowing) a DVD, making some popcorn, and creating your own cinematic experience at home.

9. Stargaze. Gazing at the night sky can make for a romantic date, or fun family outing. (Bring along a constellation guide to help identify what you see.)

10. Relax. Give yourself permission to be lazy: sleep in, lounge on the porch, or curl up with a good book. Some good old-fashioned loafing feels great—and doesn’t cost a dime!

Via Frugillionaire