UnemployedNet blog in today's Guardian Society Briefing

Wed, 02/04/2014 - 18:33 -- nick

UnemployedNet's blog, 'Tories back full employment - but have no idea how to get there', has been quoted in today's Guardian Society Briefing.

The weekly digest of news on health, education, unemployment and social affairs reproduced a section of Nick Stephenson's blog as published in The Huffington Post.

The extract makes the point that Chancellor George Osborne's announcement of his support for full employment can't work if he won't get his hands dirty in the job creation world:

"Osborne does not believe in spending money directly to achieve progressive social aims, so his plan to promote jobs involves letting businesses hold on to more revenue and hoping they decide to spend some of it on employing people.

This is unlikely; the same principle saw interest rates being held at their lowest level for hundreds of years and business taxes cut over the course of the current parliament, and companies responded primarily by increasing the pile of cash they were sitting on - to more than £440 billion according to one estimate - as well as increasing pay at the top."

The blog was also posted on the main UnemployedNet site.